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Voice Pro Care
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12-1:15PM PT
starting 2/1/23
Who this class is for:

Do you depend on a consistent, clear, or appealing voice quality as a necessary resource your job? Is talking to people or giving presentations a requirement for fulfilling your daily work tasks?
Then you have probably experienced what coming up against your vocal limitations feels like first hand–hoarseness, fatigue, difficulty making sound, that lump in your throat sensation, tight muscles--all of these can create major discomfort for you on the job and make you simultaneously less effective and more exhausted from having to push through.
A series of studies conducted in 2014 estimated that 82% of people in occupations considered to be “professional voice users” such as teachers, salespeople, and physicians, have experienced some kind of voice problem during their career, upsetting their ability to effectively do their job and interrupting their financial stability. How scary is that? Furthermore, many voice issues are not covered by medical insurance and so affordable care and guidance is often inaccessible.  
I’m here to shift this pattern by providing opportunities and spaces for people to learn about how the voice functions, what influences their voice, and how they can enhance their voice in order to communicate in ways that feel sustainable, authentic, and effective.
This is the only time this course will be available for this price–and as part of my first class you will be instrumental in shaping the curriculum as it moves forward. 
If you’re interested, you can reserve your spot for the entire series of classes for $200. That gets you 10, 75-minute classes, each focused on a different aspect of the voice. 

Or you can drop into the classes that interest you the most for $25 each. The classes will be recorded and available to you to review afterward. I will be offering a handful of scholarships. If you are interested, email me and I will send you the application information.  
Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to hit reply and send me your questions! Email me at
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